Remember when we were 11 years old? And we couldn’t wait until we were teenagers? We looked at all those cool teens, with their cool cell phones, and cool Facebook’s. Their cool makeup and cool clothes. All those cool boys they hung out with & going to PG-13 movies, with their cool friends. We looked at them and thought they were so cool, because they listened to those cool IPods, and wouldn’t turn the volume down when their parents asked. We couldn’t wait to grow up. We couldn’t wait to wear that cool makeup, and hang out with those cool boys. We couldn’t wait to not listen to our parents & blame it on being a teenager.

And now that we’re teenagers, what were we thinking back then? Some of us put makeup on every morning, hoping that that one boy will notice us. We listen to our IPods so loudly to block out the world and all the drama. We’re sick of our cell phones and Facebooks. We turn off our phones. And log off of Facebook. Because we don’t want to talk to anyone. We want to be a little kid again.
So this is to all you non-teens, never grow up.


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